Saturday, October 29, 2016

SPA using Angular

Single Page Application using Angular



  • Angular and knockout comes with data binding
  • Backbone is also quite easy to grasp.
  • Angular is very powerful and deals with complex models

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


1. Django project files significance

a. => enables the django project settings path to the environment
b. => this file contains the settings of django project like debug mode, database settings, templates path, static_url path etc.,
c. this file is the controller file which maps the web url to the respective view function/class
d. file => this file will have the environment settings like virtual environment site-packages path, django project path. path of this should be included in the apache configuration file apache2.conf
e. => this file will have the information models and members of the models
f. => this file will have the views functions/classes

2. Django commands

django-admin start-project my_pro => Creates django project
django-admin startapp myapp => creates django application inside the django project
python ./ runserver => runs the development server
python ./ makemigrations => creates the database migration scripts
python ./ migrate => applies the migrations
python ./ inspectdb >  => Creates the models wrt to the already existing database
python ./ collectstatic => collects all the static files in the django project
python ./ dbshell  => Opens the database shell
python ./ shell => opens the django/python shell